ISAI platform can establish the Enterprise Mobile Portal to manage different enterprise mobile applications with a single app Portal. The ISAI app can manage various mixed and unique internal In-house app, enterprise mobile websystems, and push content. The staff could use ISAI APP to single sign-on different enterprise mobile systems. ISAI accepts 2FA technology that user identity verification with Device ID/IMEI. Users cannot reach enterprise confidential information and system when they operate on another unauthorized device. By incorporating ISAI’s comprehensive mobility action of the enterprise system will leads to improving the work efficiency of employees significantly. ISAI can integrate easily with the AD so that all users can log in quickly and securely on their smartphone or tablet devices.


ISAI is an integrated push server that can be built within an internal network or cloud. Through ISAI API, push content and replied data could transfer between the user’s mobile devices and other enterprise e-system. Within our proprietary push technology, ISAI provides unique and diverse push formats, including text, pictures, files, HTML5 web pages, forms, BI charts, video, and audio links… etc. After receiving all of the pushed contents, users can read and use the materials and formats on ISAI’s app offline on smartphones or tablets.

ISAI app is also a personal mobile data center. Users can receive enterprise information using the ISAI app with their smartphone or tablet. Senders can operate ISAI’s Web Management System can retrieve each push content message from the user’s device anytime. The ISAI web management system has a detailed statistical report of the receiving time and reads the status of each push message.


ISAI applies innovative concepts to intellectualize enterprise mobility. Through ISAI’s middleware that combines with the original and new e-system, it creates an enterprise of mobile applications. It avoids the need to develop separate and challenging iOS & Android Native apps to satisfy different user experiences. ISAI Platform is also an app tool that creates an enterprise app and provides API to integrate quickly and fast with different systems. To use ISAI middleware’s XML format to integrate with MES, ERP, BPM, CRM, BI, OA..etc., IT can save up to 80% of the time and cost of developing and maintaining the native APP. After implementing ISAI, MIS does not trouble revising any iOS and Android codes when OS is updating on smartphones and tablets.


ISAI provides a comprehensive platform to protect enterprise information and system. The ISAI APP Viewer prohibits forwarding and copying enterprise information. Such as enterprise mobile web systems, some streaming video, ISAI push content, and PDF files. The innovative and unique watermark function of the ISAI viewer can be flexibly set up and displayed, including trademarks, user name, and users' time to read. The ISAI APP Viewer can also deter users from taking screenshots or taking photos of the phone screen to protect confidential system information. This security function can also be used to safeguard and secure the company's sensitive data. Particularly, enterprise IT does not need to make any significant changes to its original system. It can be easily implemented through the ISAI platform to ensure enterprise mobile systems and data security.


Transmitting mobile data with256-bits SSL Encryption

Special APP data encryption storage

2FA user identity verification with Device ID/IMEI

Deleting ISAI APP data when an employee resigns or loses devices

Optional integration with different VPNs to improve security levels


ISAI is mixed with a unique application management platform that will assist in publishing, updating, and managing their mobile enterprise applications independently for their employees. Through the ISAI platform, various mobile applications for iOS and Android can be centrally managed, deployed, and updated. Enterprises can manage and publish the ISAI APP or RWD web system through the internal network's ISAI server. ISAI benefits the customers by reducing the overtime, management, and app development costs without using the App Store or Google Play. ISAI can improve the security of enterprise apps by not having to launch the apps publicly. ISAI Web Management System can set up the app's specific authorization or web according to different organizational roles. The user only sees the authorized apps, which increases user convenience.



After a fierce domestic competition in Taiwan, my company acquired the representative software winner company of TAIWAN to participate Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APITCA) international software competition next year. iMobile Mind awarded the BEST SOFTWARE of 2020 APITCA TAIWAN today. My company will go to Malaysia to compete with more than 100 outstanding software companies from 20 countries.


iMobile Mind has just been selected by CEO VIEWS magazine in the USA as the “Top 50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2020”. iMobile Mind aims to increase R&D effort towards Artificial Intelligence to integrate mobility and security. ISAI is a smart application for faster mobile migration. CIOs worldwide faces difficulty in developingnative APP to integrate with theire-systems. Moreover, enterprises need to resolve few problems such as lack of skillful iOS and Android programmers, outsourcing team, and coping with the high budget of frequent updating of mobile OS and maintain the security of personal smart devices. ISAI provide an excellent tool solution and enhance mobile security. In this scenario, 5G technology has appeared like a blessing, though the technology is still under progress.


iMobile Mind” is selected by 2019 CIO Magazine in USA, and awarded as “Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Solution Company.” The reason that we attained this award isfocusing on the enterprise’s mobile application market for 15 years. In addition, we also have won many excellent reputations and feedbacks from many Global Top 500 international and multinational well-known corporate customers. This platform is unique, can envision the possibility in future and is applicable to companies. The CIO Magazine is going to be printed and announced to official website in July. Moreover, it will publish an exclusive interview with the CEO of the company, including the introduction of iMobile Mind’ product, “ISAI & MondayCheck.”

SICW- Singapore International Cyber Week

iMobile Mind was invited to attend the “Singapore International Cyber Week EXPO” at Singapore from Oct 1st ~ 3rd in 2019. Our company had a booth displayed on site. All of the participants are from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries from ASEAN. In addition, many software companies and customers also took part in this event. We had exchanges in technical parts and business negotiations with some attendees. Furthermore, a Singapore Minister came and said that government is also interested in 5G applications in future, especially in improving mobile security management.

Cyber Security of Washington DC Forum on 2018

Participated from October 15th to 19th, 2018, the global information security event, Cyber Week Washington DC 2018, will gather information security companies, investors, large enterprises around the world, and the Internet. Expansion and popularization, information security issues have become one of the most important issues in the world. The company participates in a number of forums and lectures. The US government units involved in the event include the US Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the National Intelligence Agency.



○ ISAI Provide special mobile data security including:

       ■ Mobile Database Protection

       ■ Decrypting Transmission Data

       ■ Remote to Delete ISAI APP Data

       ■ User Account & Password + Device ID Certificated

○ IT can operate ISAI Web Management System to Publish, Update, Authorize, and Manager by different Role Authorization about:

       ■ In-House Native APP

       ■ Business Native APP

       ■ E-System Mobile Web

       ■ ISAI DIY APP

       ■ Decrypted 3DES and AES to protect the transmission of data on wireless network environment. Protect the mobile DB of mobile devices by special protection.

       ■ Users cannot forward enterprise content of ISAI APP to others in order to prohibit the leakage of the confidential information.

       ■ Remote to delete data of ISAI APP when employees left jobs or loss their mobile devices.

       ■ Users could only use their own devices to Single Sign-On and access other web e-system or in- house APPs because ISAI server will certificate IMEI / Machine ID of their personal devices.

ISAI platform need only 2-3 weeks to implement and integrate e-system.

ISAI cannot prohibit the screen capture wants to protect Enterprise Data and Information.

Enhance mobile Security in order to prohibit to leak enterprise information.

ISAI could integrate AD easily.

We could customerize to integrate with user account of other self-developing system.

For most of the cases, ISAI use AD user account, ISAI APP will access IMEI of user’s personal device and send it to ISAI Server automatically when they login account and password on ISAI APP.

■ Only the certificated personal devices of employees could single sign-on and access the web e-system because ISAI server will certificate IMEI / Machine ID of User Devices.

■ ISAI is very Security. Because not every iOS or Android mobile device have finger scanner, we did not provide the technology now. We are going to R &D more biometric identification technology in the future.

■ ISAI Server ally with AWS and Azure, or other local Telecom or Cloud Serive Provider.

■ We could assist to build ISAI server Software on the own server of enterprise network including DMZ and IDC.

Yes, we could use on Intranet Network, Push Platform could run.

We have many experiences and successful cases to integrate with AD easily and fast.